Cowboy Mounted Shooting Video’s 2017

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Video’s 2017 | Lindsey

Lindsey Farrell of Team Shootfire Ranch competing in CMSA Cowboy Mounted Shooting for 2017

Fort Worth Stock show Shoot | Fort Worth, Texas | January 25

Cowboy Mounted Shooting in Fort Worth Texas at the annual Stock Show event. It was an awesome shoot!

Lazy E Classic | Guthrie Oklahoma | March 31-April 2

This Cowboy Mounted Shooting event is really exciting and is held at the Lazy E Ranch in Guthrie Oklahoma. Lindsey has done well the past two years.

Jeffers National Championship | Tunica, MS | April 12-15

This was the first time Lindsey shot in Tunica. It was a fun shoot and a cool drive from Texas. We stayed at the casino close by called the Gold Strike Casino

Texas State Championship | Graham Texas | April 29th

Central US Championship | Guthrie Oklahoma | June 7-10

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is the fastest growing equine sport in the United States. Contestants use two .45 caliber single action revolvers loaded with five rounds of blank ammunition.  A competitor crosses the timing line, engages 5 targets, returns the empty revolver to the holster then draws the second revolver and engages the final 5 targets. Scoring is based on elapsed time plus a five second penalty for each missed target. This sport is open to men and women of all ages and horses of all breeds. It also includes a junior and wrangler division for kids. New participants compete against riders in their same level.  This is a sport that everyone can participate in!

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